220V Electric Needle Burner Injection Syringe Destroyer Injector Syringe Melting

1、The machine uses 220V worldwide electricity, mechanically burn and melt any injection needles(0.3-1.5mm) and destroy syringes, thus eliminating any possibility of re-use.
2、Needles melting chamber, with high melting temperature point, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and strong special alloy, increase not only the safety, but also the long life.
3、The machine vulnerable parts are specially designed for easy cleaning and disinfection.
4、Health care workers and doctors do not need to change hands after the patient’s injection, the operation is complete for disfigurement, truly easy operation, safe and reliable.
5、It melts the syringe needle with 1250 degree temperature within 2-4 seconds.

Package includes:
1x Electric Needle and Syringe Destroyer

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